Podcasts à écouter pour progresser en anglais

Podcasts à écouter pour progresser en anglais

Dans cet article, Amarens, formatrice en anglais chez MyConnecting, vous fait découvrir différents podcasts à écouter pour s’améliorer et apprendre l’anglais. Dessins animés, films classiques, mythes et légendes… Grâce à ces podcasts, vous améliorerez votre anglais en vous amusant.

Amarens vous propose ici des « free popular podcasts », le Top des podcasts (BBC, The Memory Palace, entre autres) disponible notamment sur le website Google, dont certains sont « free » pour vous faire progresser en anglais.

Il ne vous reste plus qu’à « download » un podcast qui est « famous » et à parler enfin anglais !

Car comme le dit si bien Amarens, il faut apprendre comme si on devait vivre toujours !

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Podcasts : A little story to start…

Dexter’s Lab (1996-2003) was a popular cartoon series about the daily struggles of a hyper-intelligent little boy and the secret lab he keeps under his bedroom.

In what is by far the most famous episode, Omelette du Fromage, Dexter doesn’t want to waste time revising French vocabulary for his exams. Instead, he builds an impressive helmet-like machine that allows him to listen to a French language CD while he is asleep.

The idea is that this way the knowledge will effortlessly flow into his brain. This way, he could spend his time on more important stuff like inventing a molecular makeover machine or a robot that bakes apple pies.

Unfortunately, the disc gets stuck almost immediately, repeating the words ‘omelette du fromage’ over and over again. Poor Dexter wakes up fluent in French, but only when it comes to describing one very specific egg-based breakfast item…


Podcasts : What to understand ?

Of course, learning a language doesn’t quite work like that, but there is a glimmer of truth in Dexter’s elaborate scheme. Passive listening is a crucial part of learning a new language. It is, after all, the way you learned your very first language- by quietly listening to the grown-ups around you. Listening helps you to become familiar with the aspects of a language that are impossible to learn from a book, such as the rhythm of a phrase, or the intonation and pronunciation of certain words.

And for this purpose, podcasts offer an ideal way to practice. The English spoken on the radio and television can be very fast-paced and chaotic, with multiple people talking over and interrupting each other. Films and series can also be a bit too overwhelming to follow, with mumbling actors and distracting action on the screen. Podcast makers, however, usually take huge care to make their podcast a pleasant and calming listening experience. Many podcasts revolve around storytelling, which requires a slow pace and high quality recording equipment. Besides, it’s very easy to combine listening to a podcast with daily chores like doing the dishes, hanging up the wash or miserably staring out of your car window for hours while stuck on the Périphérique.

The podcasts in this list are not for absolute beginners, but for anyone who can at least sing along to their favourite English song. They have been selected on the basis of their content as well as the sound quality and the clear articulation of their hosts.

Podcasts : The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace is an enormous collection of remarkable true stories from (mostly) American history. The episodes are short (around ten minutes) but always fascinating and often very moving. You learn about the tragedy that led to the invention of the telegraph, about how a black man escaped from slavery upside down in a wooden box and about a couple that spend their whole lives studying the prairie chicken- to name just a few things. All stories are written and narrated by Nate DiMeo, the man behind the Palace, in a calm and sober style.

You can find the podcast here : The Memory Palace

Podcasts : BBC Global News

Twice daily, the BBC World Service publishes a new podcast containing news stories from all over the world. If you like having a broad perspective on current events and being the most interesting person around the coffee machine, this is an excellent podcast for you.

You can find the podcast here : BBC Global News Podcast

Podcasts : Myths and Legends

The concept of Myths and Legends is pretty straightforward : host Jason Weizer retells stories from myths and legends in his very own, very sassy way. He respects the original story, but gives a bit of contemporary commentary at the same time (Zeus, for example, is repeatedly called out on his bad behaviour). This podcast is a wonderful way to learn a bit more about familiar myths and fairy tales, as well as discovering new stories from all around the world.

You can find the podcast here : Myths and Legends

Podcasts : 99% Invisible

This podcast is really great if you like design, urban history and/or architecture. There are stories about ghost towns, forgotten professions, falling statues of Lenin, funky algorithms and much, much more. My personal favourites are the episodes that make you consider everyday objects that you normally wouldn’t give any thought, like the speech bubbles in comic books, or Oprah Winfrey’s hair.

You can find the podcast here : 99% Invisible

Podcasts : The Allusionist

The Allusionist is a podcast about language, more specifically the English language. Helen Zaltzman discovers why saying ‘please’ has a whole different impact in the US than it does in England, how the election of Donald Trump affected the use of the verb ‘to trump’ and why swearing can be good for your health. Every episode comes with a transcript, so you can read along with the audio- a very good exercise if you struggle with understanding English accents !

You can find the podcast here : The Allusionist

Podcasts : You Must Remember This

Beautiful blond actresses that are found dead in their car, the drunken shenanigans of 50’s sword bucklers, whispers of Communist conspiracies and scandalous affairs…. You Must Remember This digs up Hollywood’s forgotten stories and brings them back into the spotlight. Narrator Karina Longworth is a film historian, who does extensive research for each of the episodes. The result is an irresistible mix of storytelling, history, sociology and gossip.

You can find the podcast here : You Must Remember This

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